Nissan Rogue vs. Pathfinder in Jefferson City, MO

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Nissan Rogue vs. Nissan Pathfinder

Are you ready to explore the exciting world of Nissan SUVs? If you’re in the market for a midsize SUV, the Nissan Rogue versus Pathfinder battle has surely captured your attention. Both offer a compelling blend of style, versatility, and performance, but each caters to different driving needs. Buckle up as we dive into the details to help you decide which one suits your lifestyle best. Then browse our SUVs for sale at Nissan of Jefferson City!

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Similarities between the Nissan Rogue & Pathfinder

While the Nissan Rogue and Pathfinder have their unique personalities, they share some common ground. Both midsize SUVs come equipped with the cutting-edge Nissan Safety Shield 360® suite, providing a comprehensive array of driver-assist technologies for enhanced safety and peace of mind. Additionally, both models are available in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configurations, giving you the traction you need to tackle various terrain and weather conditions with confidence.

Nissan Rogue vs. Pathfinder: Performance & Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to power and fuel economy, the Nissan Rogue versus Pathfinder matchup presents a contrast. The Rogue delivers a respectable 201 ponies, while the Pathfinder packs a punch with its brawny 284-horsepower engine. Furthermore, the Nissan Pathfinder can tow up to 6,000 pounds—perfect for hauling trailers or boats to the Ozarks—while the Rogue tops out at 1,500 pounds.

If you’re seeking maximum fuel economy, though, the Nissan Rogue shines with an impressive 30 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway compared to the Pathfinder’s 20 mpg and 27 mpg, respectively.

Nissan Rogue vs. Nissan Pathfinder: Exterior

Nissan Pathfinder vs. Rogue: Features

As its name implies, the Nissan Pathfinder caters to adventurous spirits with its off-roading features. In particular, the Pathfinder’s Rock Creek trim level boasts a roof rack and beadlock-style wheels, making it a formidable companion for your outdoor escapades. On the other hand, the Rogue impresses with its immersive 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen display, outshining the Pathfinder’s nine-inch screen. The Rogue also receives over-the-air software updates from Nissan, so you’ll always have the latest tech.

Nissan Rogue vs. Pathfinder: Interior Space

The Nissan Pathfinder versus Rogue comparison reveals that midsize SUVs can vary in terms of interior space. Unlike the five-seat Nissan Rogue, the Pathfinder offers three rows of seating to give larger families or groups ample space. However, the Rogue compensates with more generous rear legroom than the Pathfinder gives passengers in the second and third rows. But with that extra row of seating, the Pathfinder wins the cargo capacity battle, too. When you fold down the seats, the Pathfinder’s 80.1 cubic feet of space dwarfs the Rogue’s 36.5 cubic feet.

Nissan Rogue vs. Nissan Pathfinder: Interior

Nissan Rogue vs. Pathfinder: Price

Of course, affordability is a crucial factor when selecting your next SUV. The Nissan Rogue starts at an attractive $28,850. Therefore, the Rogue is an enticing option for budget-conscious buyers, especially when you couple that price with money-saving fuel economy. Meanwhile, the Pathfinder commands a higher starting price of $36,650, reflecting its larger size and increased capabilities.

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Now that you’ve explored the key differences between the Nissan Rogue and Pathfinder, the decision ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for. Whether you prioritize fuel efficiency and advanced technology or off-road prowess and towing capacity, both SUVs offer compelling features that will exceed your expectations. The best way to experience these vehicles firsthand is to schedule a test drive at Nissan of Jefferson City. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process, ensuring you find the perfect Nissan SUV to suit your lifestyle.

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